Slot Overview: Jingle Bells Power Reels

Jingle Bells Power Reels, a slot machine from Red Tiger, is another addition to the holiday frenzy. While some studios choose to be more reserved so as not to upset those who aren’t into the holiday spirit, others, like Red Tiger, have crammed in holiday clichés like stuffing into a turkey. The end product is a game that successfully captures the spirit of the holiday season, thanks largely to Santa and the images of greeting cards. If you’ve played Jingle Bells (2015) and thought this game seemed familiar, it’s because Red Tiger retroactively added the Power Reels mechanism. In addition to the classic huge reel layout and low payline combination, players also get most of the original’s other features.

The scenery has certainly changed for the better since the original Jingle Bells was written. The enormous 8-reel, 40-payline grid is located in a living room with a fireplace, a Christmas tree, and several other decorations. The setting is made all the more warm and welcoming by the accompanying jingling music. It’s as clichéd as they come, sure, but many players will find resonance with it anyhow. Jingle Bells Power Reels is about as nice as it gets in terms of visual Christmas cheer.

The game may be played on any device, and players can choose from wagers as little as 10 p/c and as much as $/€10 each spin. The default RTP of 95.78% is acceptable, and the potential is higher than in other Red Tiger titles. Although Santa appears in most of the bonus content, he may only show up as often as he does in reality, once a year, making it difficult to meet the goal. The features, when combined with Power Reels’ expansive layout, have the potential to generate big payouts. Red Tiger’s volatility rating of 5 out of 5 is the highest possible, which is at odds with the friendly appearance a bit.

The 10 themed pay symbols are revealed on the paytable, where the holiday antics continue. Red Tiger’s Christmas typeface, which flows like an elf’s slipper, is used for the 10 to A card symbols. The next tier up consists of more lucrative icons like Santa Claus, stockings, ornaments, stars, and bells. Except for the premium bells, which pay out on just two of a kind, you’ll need at least three of the same symbol to win. Eight of a kind may win you anywhere from 3.5x to 15x your wager if you land on one of the premium symbols. During some bonus rounds, there may be an abundance of wild symbols, increasing the likelihood of receiving a payout that fills the entire screen.

In continuation, Jingle Bells Power Reels’ most lucrative symbol is the wild gift symbol, which awards 25 times the wager for a full house. In most cases, however, it is acting in its secondary capacity as a substitute for other, more typical pay symbols.

Slot Features in Jingle Bells: Power Reels

Santa Claus can appear during any spin and trigger one of the following bonuses at random:

At the conclusion of any spin, Santa may randomly insert a massive 5×6 wild symbol onto the reels, guaranteeing a payout.

A win multiplier is provided and added after each time Santa shakes the Christmas Tree Star.

Wild symbols of either 1×1 or 2×2 sizes can appear on the reels when Santa sneaks across the slot and throws presents. With this added bonus, you can’t lose. When Santa sprinkles the grid with his magic, winning Reels appear. This procedure eliminates the possibility of losing by removing the high-pay symbols from the reels.

Finally, if you get 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 scatters anywhere in view, you’ll activate the bonus game and receive 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, or 23 free spins, respectively. The strike rate and chance for large wins are both increased during free spins by the occurrence of all of the aforementioned bonuses. In addition, if you get three scatter symbols, you’ll get five free spins, and for every additional scatter symbol, you’ll get three more free spins.

Slot Review: Jingle Bells, Wild Reels

Assuming you like the idea of Power Reels in general, Jingle Bells Power Reels should be entertaining on the day in question. On the other hand, you won’t be convinced by Santa’s merry smile if you don’t click with the mechanic, and there are many potential causes for this. The complaints stated about other Power Reels machines are as valid here. The primary issue is that there are too many reels yet not enough paylines. You’ll be stuck in small sections of the grid most of the time, but it can pay off if a bunch of wilds appear in the bonus features and illuminate the reels.

The fact that most of the helpful features appear to be reserved for the bonus round is also a cause for concern. At least, that’s how it seemed in practice. Many turns would pass without any sign of the man in red. Sure, some games are like that, but before you fire up Jingle Bells Power Reels, keep in mind that you probably won’t see Santa very frequently. When he does, the level of competition increases by two notches. The accumulation of raining Wilds was really satisfying, and the prospect of a Mega Wild was intriguing. While decent winnings of up to 6,544 times the stake are attainable in Jingle Bells Power Reels, free spins are still your best choice for getting the most out of this game.

If you’re looking for a huge reel Christmas fling, Jingle Bells Power Reels is a good enough holiday game to satisfy your needs. If Power Reels aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other options in the stocking to fill that void. Jingle Bells Power Reels may appeal to gamers looking for a very volatile, atmospheric experience; otherwise, the potential is strong, and the features, when they come around to triggering, are good.

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