Moon Princess Game Introduction

The Moon Princess slot machine will take you on a journey through the universe. Drawing design cues from Japan’s thriving anime sector, Moon Princess offers a fresh perspective on slots by combining traditional anime aesthetic with high-octane casino gambling to create a visually appealing and exciting game. Adding to its uniqueness, the Moon Princess slot machine has a peculiar reel layout based on a 5×5 grid, dropping a stunning 25 symbols with each spin for even more winning opportunities.

Based on the ever-popular Sailor Moon, the Moon Princess online slot machine offers players a new approach to play slots with a bold art style, remarkable attention to detail, and superb 3D animations that are certain to keep you entertained while you win big. In this Moon Princess review, we will discuss the finer points of this online slot machine so that you may make an informed decision when selecting your next game. Enjoy what you see in our review of the Moon Princess slot machine? For a sample of what this slot has to offer, go visit, one of our top recommendations for online slot suppliers.

Examine why an increasing number of gamers are opting to play Moon Princess.

How to win big playing Moon Princess

Take a trip to the stars and begin playing for free today.

Money Special Princess Superpowers Feature – transform losing spins into enormous payouts with each character’s special ability.

Casino Extraordinary Free Spins Function – Very Profitable Free Spin Rounds with Stacked Multipliers

Chips Unique 5×5 Grid Layout

Explore High Payouts


Using drop multipliers, wins are multiplied.

Free Spins

Princess Trinity added benefit

Unique layout Gorgeous visuals and animation


Very volatile

No progressive jackpots

Important Characteristics of Moon Princess Review

Innovative 5×5 layout provides a unique approach to play traditional slot machines

Despite offering players the possibility to win with casino classics such as video slots, Moon Princess online slots go one step further by delivering a unique 5×5 grid structure that provides players with even more opportunities to win big. This cascading slot machine features 20 paylines within a 5×5 grid, with players able to win by matching any three symbols (horizontally or vertically), with the matched symbols being destroyed and replaced by new ones that drop from the top.

Often, winning combinations will initiate a domino effect that leads to large wins. As symbols are matched and eliminated, more symbols drop down for more opportunities to form matches, making successful matches more more exciting because they have the potential to increase your wins.

Visuals and animations inspired by anime that are enchanting

The gorgeous images of the Moon Princess online slot were inspired by the iconic anime and manga series, Sailor Moon. The aesthetics of the online slots game Moon Princess are visually impressive and enticing to the majority of players due to their beautiful backgrounds and vibrant symbols.

There are low-paying symbols such as a bell, a heart, a rainbow, and a moon star. The three Princess symbols are the highest-paying symbols, with the Wild being the highest-paying symbol (represented by the moon symbol). Wild symbols can replace any other symbol on the reel. Let’s take a closer look at the symbols available in the Moon Princess slot machine, examine their rewards, and determine which symbols players should aim for:

Girl Power & Princess Trinity Features provides more opportunities to win.

In addition to being visually stunning, Moon Princess slots have a “Girl Power Feature” that enables new randomly triggered events to occur during losing rounds. Each Princess has a distinct ability that determines the type of Princess Trinity feature that will be activated, therefore the event that will occur depends on which Princess is joining you in the current round. Noting what each Princess has to contribute can result in incredible gains. These are some Moon Princess Girl Power usage suggestions:

Love Princess – symbol interchange One set of symbols is chosen for transformation into another symbol.

Star Princess – more wilds. One or two icons will become Wilds.

Storm Princess – the removal of symbols from the grid. Two sets of symbols will be selected at random and eliminated from the grid.

Moon Princess features the Princess Trinity Feature in addition to these advantages. Fill the Princess Trinity meter by making winning Princess combinations. After the meter is filled, you will receive a free round.

With free spins, you have the possibility to win large sums.

To gain free spins on the Moon Princess slot machine, you need not rely just on the Princess Trinity feature. Also triggered when there are no symbols remaining on the reels. When this occurs, you will be prompted to select a princess to accompany you throughout your free spins, with each princess delivering unique additional features.

Love Princess – 4 free spins with the Love Girl Power Feature active during the free spins.

Star Princess – 5 free spins with the Star Girl Power Feature active during the free spins.

Storm Princess – 8 free spins with the Storm Girl Power Feature active during the free spins.

In addition, drop multipliers are not reset after each spin, so players have the possibility to earn up to a 20x multiplier during these free spins, making it even easier to win large. Increase the number of free spins by matching additional Princesses for even greater opportunities to earn money. Lastly, if you clear the grid during your free spins, you will receive 100 times your initial total wager.

Unique and aesthetically appealing PC and mobile game.

Given that most players do not always have access to a desktop computer, one of the nicest features of this visually gorgeous game is the option to play Moon Princess online slots on the go. Even on a small screen, Moon Princess online slots remain stunningly beautiful, and the ability to play this very addicting slots game on the go is a joy.

We think you would also enjoy Moon Princess.

While the Moon Princess prize may not be enormous, this visually stunning game offers new and fascinating ways to play a casino classic, making it well worth the attention of any avid player. Featuring free spins, stacking multipliers of up to 20x, and a multitude of entertaining bonus features, Moon Princess is definitely worth your time. The greatest aspect? You are free to play if you so desire!

Give Moon Princess a try today and discover for yourself the genuine benefits of Princess Power.

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